1. Surf clams with cabbage. Obscenely sweet clams, just a hint of brine. Think it cost around $15 or so.
    Grilled leeks, spring onion, green garlic, miticrema. A touch oily, but still tons of sweet leek flavor. $13.
    Orecchiette, braised goat, capra sarda, breadcrumbs. Good funkiness, perfectly al dente noodles. $16.

    YOU GUYS! Roberta’s in Bushwick is totally doing the negative space thing.

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  8. brianvan said: or they are just giving you half a plate of food, at no discount. Who thought of that, a banker?
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    Some bangin new dishes from a recent meal at Roberta’s. Click through for pricing information (about $13-$16).
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